Frostex is the manufacturer of double glazing, outside door frames and decorative door filling applied in the PVC and ALU joinery. Our offer is constituted of the door panels and fillings, double glazing, combined stained glass and PVC frames.


Frostex is the manufacturer of the combined stained glass applied in the steel hole PVC and ALU joinery. We offer the double glazing which is two-, three- and four-chamber in the version of transparent reflective glass and milk glass as well as in the form of the decorative stained glass. We constantly discover new trends in the industrial design of double glazing, supporting the door producers in projecting the innovative and technological solutions.


Glass allows creating varied projects, perfectly fitting with the random material and the visual effects which are created, co-operate with the light and make the impression that the glass gives the products the unique identity. Therefore, you will find in our offer the door panel, too – the aluminum filling in the batch and fixed form. We co-operate with a few dozen of companies producing the ALU joinery as well as the locksmiths delivering the elements to the production of aluminum door according to the current trends.


In the offer, we obtain also the PVC used in the steel door and the garage gates as the element finishing the glazing. We offer two variants of frame width which are available in the most popular colours and designs.

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